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Wood Finishing Styles | Ideas For Cottage Collection

by Matthew Cutler March 14, 2017

A wet distressing and/or a whitewashing technique is what you would want to apply to unfinished furniture in order to create a finished cottage look. These methods can be applied a few different ways, so it is important to determine which particular method would help you accomplish your particular look. Read more to find out exactly how to apply a wet distressed or whitewashed look.

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Unfinished Furniture Is The Perfect Solution To Budget Decorating

by Matthew Cutler March 10, 2017

Unfinished furniture can bring so much to a room, let alone a whole house. It adds personality and it speaks louder than already-finished pieces. These pieces can be customized to fit anyone and any kind of room they want. It is not only a cost-efficient project to work on, it is also easy to maintain without breaking the bank. When you have a new space, your mind can go crazy with all kinds of decorating ideas. Luckily, you can design it easily and will not make your wallet cry.

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Unfinished Furniture Expo

Unfinished furniture does more than refurbish your house – it adds personality to any space. Here at our unfinished furniture store, you can find any piece of furniture you can think of and allow your creativity to wander. Create any style you want, by matching an already existing style or creating a new space. The options available to you are limitless!

At Unfinished Furniture Expo, you can find an assortment of furniture pieces, all made with a variety of wood. The pieces include tables, table pedestals, table tops, chairs, dining tables, coffee tables, kitchen furniture, beds, headboards, entertainment centers, desks, bookcases, bookshelves, and even chairs and tables for children. These pieces can be found in alder, birch, pine, parawood, and oak. We offer all of our pieces as discounted unfinished furniture, inclusive of free shipping on orders over $39.

Shop here and find your perfect piece today. Complete your look or get started on it, and let your creativity flow. The options are endless and they come at an affordable price – you can create any style you want without breaking the bank.