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Unfinished Furniture Expo

Your home is an extension of your personality! How you furnish your home says a great deal about who you are, too. Maybe your style is simple, yet functional. Perhaps you're a bold expressionist...or lean more towards a more earthy look. If you're nostalgic, maybe a rustic or antique atmosphere is what you enjoy. Have you considered regional themes...Southwestern, New England, Midwest farmhouse, Southern plantation?

We at Unfinished Furniture Expo believe that YOUR home should be furnished and designed by YOU! And we believe that YOU have the imagination and the creativity to create YOUR look! That's why Unfinished Furniture Expo provides high-quality furniture that YOU can customize, according to YOUR lifestyle, YOUR needs, YOUR individual style! You become the artistic designer. After all, YOUR home should be ALL ABOUT YOU!

It's SO easy and fast! Choose your piece of furniture. We'll customize it to match your decor and style! Submit your order online and, if we have it in stock, you'll probably get your item in a week or less!

So, go ahead...be the artist. You can do it! We believe in you!