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Porch Furniture for the Summer

by Matthew Cutler June 23, 2017

Porch Furniture for the Summer

It’s Summer Time!

Now that the weather is beginning to get nicer and you can spend more time outside, it is the perfect reason to buy new porch furniture. Whether you sit out by yourself and enjoy the personal time or be with friends and family and enjoy each other’s company, porch furniture is never a bad idea. You can either purchase it already finished in a certain color or you can have it sent to you unfinished and you can have a new, fun project. 

What Your Porch Needs

Porch Swings: perfect for one person to sit and read a book, drink coffee, or just take in the views or for 2-3 people wanting to just sit together and talk. You can relax on them with a blanket or some pillows and enjoy the wonderful summer weather.

Rocking Chairs: these are perfect for multiple people to sit around in; you can have a conversation all while relaxing. If you prefer some solitude, grab a book or some coffee and just relax as you take in the summer weather. They are perfect for casual conversations and relaxing summer days and nights.

Summer Finishes

If you like a new project and would prefer to do a finish yourself on your new porch furniture, here are some tips and ideas:

Keeping it safe from the elements

Find the right finish: multiple coats protect the swing and rocking chairs from UV rays and moisture. A primer topped with an oil-based paint can have better results whereas for a more natural look, use multiple coats of exterior spar varnish. Make sure to follow these next steps completely.

  1. Seal completely
  2. Recoat regularly as it will face the elements
  3. Apply water sealant for locations that might receive regular moisture

Summer colors to try

With summer, comes many different bright colors you can apply to your porch swing or rocking chairs

Blue – There are a variety of shades you can choose from – sky blue, cobalt blue, or even navy blue. This color is beneficial to the mind and the body.

Orange – This is a fun color, associated with joy and creativity. Whether you like it bright or slightly darker, this color would be a wonderful touch to your porch furniture.

Yellow – When people see yellow, they think of sunshine and happiness. Always a bright color, this would really make your porch furniture pop.

Red – With all the shades this color comes in, representing energy and strength, red could make for a perfect accent color.

Pink – Representing romance and playfulness, bright pink or a more subtle shade can really brighten up your porch.

Green – From forest green to bright green, this color stands for nature and freshness. Spruce up your porch furniture with shades of green.

Coral – This unique color would make the perfect accent and/or a fun design in your porch furniture

    Spruce Up Your Porch

    Whether it is a rocking chair or a porch swing, they could be just the porch furniture you need. Sit among loved ones or in solitude, relax, and enjoy the wonderful summer weather. If you want to finish your porch furniture on your own, there are many ways you can get creative. With so many summer colors to choose from, there are multiple ways to brighten up your porch. If a finished product is your preference, then you still have different options to choose from. Spice up your porch with some wonderful summer furniture and enjoy your summer even more. 


    Matthew Cutler
    Matthew Cutler


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