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Unfinished Furniture Is The Perfect Solution To Budget Decorating

by Matthew Cutler March 10, 2017

Unfinished Furniture Is The Perfect Solution To Budget Decorating

Unfinished furniture can bring so much to a room, let alone a whole house. It adds personality and it speaks louder than already-finished pieces. These pieces can be customized to fit anyone and any kind of room they want. It is not only a cost-efficient project to work on, it is also easy to maintain without breaking the bank. When you have a new space, your mind can go crazy with all kinds of decorating ideas. Luckily, you can design it easily and will not make your wallet cry.

Your Wallet Will Thank You

Unfinished furniture itself is incredibly cost-efficient because it is not finished. Instead of spending the money on the piece you want and then paying for shipping, it is easier on you and your bank account to find an unfinished piece retailer either in your area or online. This way, you are only paying for a piece that someone put together and left as is. Here at Unfinished Furniture Expo, you can find unfinished wood pieces like tables, dressers, and bookcases with prices ranging from $300 - $900. When you find similar pieces on other websites, the prices are doubled, if not more, and easily go into the thousand range; these pieces are already finished too. Also, with the unfinished pieces here at Unfinished Furniture Expo, the shipping is free – it comes to you unassembled and waiting to be finished. 

athena hardwood table cheaper than ethan allen table unfinished furniture expo

At another website, a finished dining table is $2,079 but, there are a few other things they include. They give you an option for a furniture protection plan which is $150, then there is a shipping price based off where you live, which could easily enough be $400 alone, then the sale tax of $130, which brings the total to almost $2,300. Once ordered you will be contacted within 7-9 weeks to schedule a delivery date. On Unfinished Furniture Expo, you can find a similar dining table for $949.95 and the only extra tax is $27.55 because shipping is free – the total price you would pay is $977.50. Also, it could only take up to 4 weeks to deliver. Unfinished furniture helps your wallet out more than it improves a space. You save more money with it and you have more time to spend to be creative. 

unfinished furniture expo java table cheaper than ethan allen avery table

Why so Popular?

This furniture is really growing in popularity for many reasons. One being how inexpensive it is to purchase and complete. You do not have to spend a lot of money on a fancy stain or finish to make the piece stand out. Another reason is because anyone can take any unfinished piece and create a masterpiece with it. Unlike a finished piece, you have no restrictions on color, style, theme, or finish. You choose an unfinished piece because you want to make it your own and unique compared to what other people have in their houses. Unfinished furniture is also eco-friendly. Old wood can be recycled from other projects to create smaller ones. It can also come from old pieces that have been thrown away or even from towns/cities that offer wood recycling. Pieces like doors can be made into a table or an older dresser can be a part of a newer, more stable one. There are a lot of things that contribute to the versatility and the uniqueness of unfinished furniture. It is a lot cheaper and a more fun project than people realize. 

extension pedestal table unfinished furniture expo cheaper than pottery barn

So Many Options with Unfinished Furniture

Any piece of furniture that you can think of can be an unfinished piece. If you just bought a place and are looking to refurbish a room, you can do so all with unfinished pieces. There is no limit as to what you could think of. If you try looking local and cannot find a certain piece, there are a lot of online retailers who could either create it for you or who has it on their site, just waiting for you. Because wood is so versatile, any piece is possible to create and finish. If you type in ‘unfinished furniture’ into a search engine, you will be directed to many sites that create these pieces, many of which are one-of-a-kind or in bulk. It might not be possible to not find the piece you would like to finish your room. 

unfinished furniture expo six drawer dresser cheaper than ballard designs


Maintaining unfinished furniture is incredibly easy. It does not require you to go out and spend a lot of money on fancy cleaners. Because you decide how to finish it, you will know just what it needs to not become damaged and to stay beautiful 24/7. The finish you choose does not require fancy polish or an expensive cleanser, but rather a cloth and some dishwashing liquid. That is not the case for all finishes but an example for a paint finish. Sometimes the sprays and polishes can actually damage the pieces over time so it is better and more cost-efficient to just use some items that you have at home. Also, things like avoiding direct sunlight/UV light, keeping liquids off the surfaces, and avoiding excessive heat can also maintain your pieces and keep them looking new every day. It does not take much to care for your pieces, which adds to the other reasons as to why unfinished furniture is growing in popularity and adds to the cost-efficiency of it.

unfinished furniture expo bookcase cheaper than ballard designs

Get Creative Today Budget Furniture Decorating!

Unfinished furniture is growing in popularity for many reasons. It is more than a life-saver for your wallet, it is a fun project that is incredibly versatile in design, style, personality, and even in what it is made up of. It brings a lot to a room and it makes it different than what everyone else has. Yes, many people are turning to it for their homes but, because you can design it, you will not find the exact same piece anywhere else. This furniture is also incredibly easy to maintain, also without breaking the bank. You can decorate a whole room or even a whole place with this kind of furniture and you can care for it over time, all without spending your life savings.


Unfinished Furniture Expo Products referenced in the images:

Athena Hardwood Table

Java Dropleaf Dining Table

Canyon Oval Extension Hardwood Table

Brooklyn 6 Draw Hardwood Dresser

Shaker Bookcase

Matthew Cutler
Matthew Cutler


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