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"Forever Glides" Self-Leveling Floor Protectors for Wood Furniture 1-1/4" DARK OAK (4-Pack)


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The First Self-Leveling Floor Protectors for Wood Furniture in Dark Oak

The absolute best in furniture glides!

Forever Glides slide easily and protect floors such as hardwood, linoleum, ceramic tile, carpet, brick, decks, concrete and more.

Before Forever Glides, wood furniture had nail-on, stick-on felt or carpet glides, coated plastic glides or nothing at all!

Today's Forever Glides have:

  • Molecularly Superior, Thru-Color Plastic - Not just a coating!
  • Durable, Weatherproof Leveling Cushion - No More Wobble!
  • Choose from 2 colors to fit almost any Furniture - Looks Good!
  • Won't Grab or Hold Dirt or Grit - No More Scratches!
  • Reinforced "web" design with super thick bottom and sides.
  • Very long lasting - Virtually Indestructible.
  • Made from Delrin, an extremely hard, slick and long-wearing plastic.
  • Glides won't "pop" out when used on patio surfaces.
  • Can't slip off like some adhesive glides.
  • Easy to Install - no complicated instructions. Easy to attach - directions included.

Each package contains 4 of the 1-1/4" glides in a DARK OAK finish.  Adds approx 3/4" in height

Tested to withstand more than 20,000 pounds of pressure!
The absolute best in furniture glides!

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