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Despite common misconceptions, Parawood is not two pieces of wood. Parawood is actually a hardwood from southeast Asia. Parawood serves our world in more than one way beyond its wood. It is a great example of how we can fully utilize a natural resource. Parawood is the tree from which latex is harvested. For twenty-five to thirty years, the Parawood tree is "tapped" (the same manner syrup is obtained from a Maple tree). Beyond this age, the Parawood tree ceases to produce sufficient quantities of latex and is harvested for use in the manufacturing of fine furniture. For every tree cut, a new tree is planted as a replacement, harmoniously maintaining a natural balance.
Now, more than ever, being environmentally conscious and responsible is a part of our lives, business culture, and ethos. Manufacturing processes, waste management, the use of natural resource all affect our world and quality of life.
Unfinished Furniture Expo recognizes that though home furnishings are a necessity, they too can have a positive or negative impact on our environment. For this reason, as well as the physical beauty and quality of Parawood, many of our furniture items are proudly crafted from this extremely dense, plantation grown hardwood.

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Grain Structure
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California has determined that glue in plywood can emit traces of formaldehyde, a known carcinogen.

Only furniture with more than 144 square inches of plywood must certify how much formaldehyde it emits.  “Compliant with CARB P2 regulations” is the best you can do.

 All our furniture with plywood meets that standard.