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Unfinished Furniture Expo Policies

Unfinished Furniture Expo Policies


Online Orders

Online orders can be placed using our secure online shopping cart system powered by Shopify. Just click on the photo of the item you are interested in and then click on the order button. We accept all major credit cards and PayPal. Since our transaction system erases credit card information after three weeks, credit cards are automatically charged when orders are placed.

International Shipping

We have partnered with a third party to service our international customers.
Once you have created your shopping Cart, choose the "Outside The U.S.?" button. You will then be automatically transferred to a page where you will be provided with international shipping costs as well as duties and taxes for your shipment.
Upon completion of your order, your credit card will be charged for the entire purchase. We will ship the goods to the third party distribution facility where they will process the order and transport the goods to your international address. There are no additional fees or registration processes with this service

Telephone Orders

Yes, even though this is an eCommerce company, you can still use your telephone to place orders at 800-597-3500. Since our transaction system does not store payment information, credit cards are automatically charged when orders are placed.

Sales Taxes

Sales tax only applies to customers purchasing within the state of Colorado.


Once your order is placed, you will automatically receive an email with a link to your order status.
Once your item is shipped, you will receive another email with a link to your tracking information.


  • At Unfinished Furniture Expo, our site uses state of the art technology to insure that your credit card information is safe, utilizing 128-bit encryption.
  • We do not and will not share you information with any 3rd party. Who is a 3rd party you may ask? Well, the 1st part is Unfinished Furniture Expo. The 2nd party is you, the fine customer. That leaves the 3rd party which is anyone other than you and us. As you might have guessed, they probably know enough about you already.


    Shipping & Delivery

  • All in-stock items ship same day. Most furniture items ship via FedEx Ground. Some smaller items ship via USPS. Some of our partners ship directly using UPS.
  • Please allow 2-5 weeks for delivery if not in present stock.

    Return Policy

  • In the unlikely event you would like to cancel your order (I mean why would you) you must notify us in writing at customerservice@unfinishedfurnitureexpo.com. You will receive a Cancellation Confirmation email with your return merchandise authorization number (RMA). Please note, no verbal cancellations will be accepted. We will not accept any return merchandise without a RETURN MERCHANDISE AUTHORIZATION NUMBER.
    Check all merchandise for shipping damage immediately. We cannot accept responsibility for any damage 24 hours after receipt of merchandise. It is important you examine all contents immediately upon receipt of merchandise.
  • Items will only be accepted back in original condition and original packaging. You will be contacted with further instructions on how to prepare your return.
  • A return merchandise authorization number (RMA) must be given prior to returns. Email customerservice@unfinishedfurnitureexpo.com to get a RMA number.
  • A restocking fee of 15% will be charged on ALL returned items.
  • Shipping costs are non-refundable. If for any reason free shipping is offered, the actual cost of shipping will be subtracted from any credit due.
  • No C.O.D.'s
  • For return inquiries please email customerservice@unfinishedfurnitureexpo.com
  • We do not accept any returns after 30 days of receipt of goods.
  • Please contact us regarding the returns of finished products. Finished product returns will be handled on a case-by-case basis.


  • If any part is found to be defective, or damaged, it will be replaced at no charge. In rare occasions when the entire unit is damage it may be replaced, but we first make these situations right with new replacement parts.
  • If you are unhappy with the quality of any part, it will be replaced/exchanged at no charge.
  • Remember, the replacement part will ship unfinished unless you ordered a finished piece.
  • The replacement process can take a couple of weeks, so please be patient.
  • The above does not apply to furniture that is not inspected within 24 hours of delivery. Any damage not reported within 24 hours will not be our responsibility.
  • If a customer chooses to not accept a replacement, any credit will be handled as per our return policy above.

  • Thanks for reading all of this. You deserve a gold star.