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Oil Based Gel Stain Satin Topcoat - Quart


Oil Based Gel Stain Topcoat - Quart

This is the home of the popular Topcoat Gel stain that has been featured across the nation's social media for repurposing & upcycling furniture and cabinets. Gel stain that has the most "finishing feel" of all our products. Woodworkers love the lustrous finish that shows up when rubbing out the 2nd and 3rd coats. Gel Stains are formulated with a combination of pigments, oils, and urethanes to produce a durable and beautiful "hand-rubbed" finish.

Gel Stains are heavy-bodied, and so do not penetrate as deeply into the wood as liquid oilbase stains do. Because of this, they are often less affected by the condition of the wood, and can help you get a more even appearance on difficult woods such as aspen or pine.

Check out our Jiving With Java Pinterest Board for DIY examples of Java Gel Stain or Gel Stain Pinterest Board for more ideas.

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